Tools for Wordpress sites

Posted on June 10, 2018 in DevOps • Tagged with #wordpress, #themes, #seo

Wordpress sites is still going strong with a large community creating beautiful themes.

Chrome Plugin: WP Sniffer

PenguinWP has created a Chrome plugin called WPSniffer


  • GoTo a site hosted by WordPress - e.g. Knowledge Cube
    => The plugin will change color to orange in the address bar.
  • Press the plugin …

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Using Pelican Themes

Posted on September 30, 2017 in DevOps • Tagged with #blog, #pelican, #themes, #cms, #install

This blog is part of a serie

  1. Using Pelican blog on Github pages
  2. Using Pelican Themes (this blog)
  3. Setting Pelican blogs in "draft"

Installation - Plugins and Themes

Plugins and Themes are two seperate repos being used by some themes. To be able to reach them from is best …

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