Setting Pelican blogs in "draft" - 4 review. HowTo

Posted on January 17, 2021 in DevOps
Updated: January 17, 2021

This blog is part of a serie:

  1. Using Pelican blog on Github pages
  2. Using Pelican Themes
  3. Setting Pelican blogs in "draft" (this blog)

Sometimes you want your pelican blog to be set into draft for review.
I always forget some part of howto do.
So here is a small HowTo.

First you need the top metadata of your blog. For this blog it is:

Title: Setting Pelican blogs in draft - 4 review. HowTo
Status: draft

From the title you transform it into an url:

Metadata: Setting Pelican blogs in "draft" - 4 review. HowTo
Url     : setting-pelican-blogs-in-draft-4-review-howto.html

From cmd run


and browse to http://localhost:8000/drafts/setting-pelican-blogs-in-draft-4-review-howto.html

Tip: After running serve you will also find the file in \output\drafts\, if you don´t want to do this manual transform.

When you then decide to deploy using

.\publish "commit msg"

then you can find your blog on

The blog wil not be visible in any of the lists in this mode.
First when you change the blogs state to

Status: published

Then you will find it on


  • The commands serve and publish are two small scrips I created in Using Pelican blog on Github pages
  • After publish has run it will take 1 - 2 minutes before you see it deployed to Github pages

The End