Moveslink 2 crash

Posted on January 11, 2018 in DevOps

A few days ago I resat my Windows 10, so I could start from scratch.


The USB driver for my GPS watch, Suunto Ambit 2 misbehaved.

I just connected the watch with USB cable.
Then I installed Moveslink2.

I would see Moveslink in the taskbar and the taskmanager for a while and then it would disappear.

I thought it was a problem that I had the watch connected while I installed Moveslink, but no.


It turned out that it is a known error which appears with Windows 10 Fall Creators Update (1709).

The problem causes moveslink2 to crash.

What I had to do to make it disappear was:

  • Turn off Wifi
  • Reconnect watch with USB wire
    => Now moveslink would show
  • Turn on Wifi
  • Sign in to

All back to normal - Me happy

How you can troubleshoot

In System Information I could see
Error in System Information

In Event Viewer I could see
Error in Event Viewer

In Devices and Printers I could see Ambit (after all was back to normal)
Ambit in Devices and Printers

Ambit has two drivers
Ambit has to drivers

In Devices Manager I could not see Ambit, but now I knew which drivers it used
Ambit in Devices Manager

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