Microsoft Architecture and Implementations

Posted on August 18, 2018 in Develop
Updated: October 18, 2020

This blog will help you choosing the right design and corresponding code, when you build microsoft web and services in 2017 and 2018.

Lists of Architectures and Implementations

Here are some lists that can be gives you several designs.

WebApps and services

This blog only looks at webapps and webservices.


Should you choose simple monolitic webs, scalable microservices or cost saving functions?
Have a look at Architecture styles below to quickly see what you get.
Read the Fowler Article Serverless Architectures to understand when you continue from microservices to serverless functions.
Follow the Design principles for Azure applications.
Follow the Azure security best practices and patterns.
Review your design with Resiliency checklist.

Architecture from real life

Architecture styles

The drawings below gives you a fast overview of some web patterns you can use.

  • N-tier - Monolitic - The most simple - Good for PaaS
  • Web-Queue-Worker - Good for PaaS
  • Microservices - Good for containers
  • CQRS - good for scaling data
  • Event-driven - good for scaling services
  • Serverless functions - FaaS
    Serverless functions

Cloud Design Patterns

Cloud Design Patterns is a long list of patterns you can use to finetune your design of SW, Infrascructure, CI/CD pipline, Monitoring and Operations.

Samples With implementation

If you want code to look at here is a list of samples with code.

Samples Without implementation

If you just want the architecture design samples here is a list.

Azure Tutorials

Transistion to cloud

If you need help to get started in cloud.


AzureStack - Cloud on-premise

If you want to deploy to Azure-on-premise, then AzureStack is the Microsoft answer to OpenStack

More resources

The past

Up until 2017 you could find guidance on

The End